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Be Shiny in a Sea of Fishes – Mermaids and Thoreau, Part 1

“Be yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of
who you should be.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Today I thought I would multi-task and combine two things at once.  A lot of people ask me how I do some of the crafts that I make.  I decided I would give it a go at FB live and do some demonstrations as I was starting a new tumbler.  But as I was thinking of the logistics and how I would show you I began to think about what do I say the whole time.  Since this is going to be a shiny mermaid cup made with glitter, I began to think about the quote from Thoreau and how it makes perfect sense from a mermaid perspective.

Stay with me. It does relate, I promise.  How many times have you been told to be yourself?  How many times have your told your kids not to worry about what others think but instead to just do what is right? If you are like me, probably about a million times.  Having three teenage girls, and two of them being twins, it is something I’ve said a lot.  Sadly, this at times becomes frighteningly hollow advice, white noise you have heard again and again.  And there have been times when I even wondered if I myself knew what that meant for me.  Do I allow myself to shine and sparkle in my sea of fishes?

I have been told that it means to do what you want and not care what others think.  I disagree with that approach.  I think it makes the whole idea of who too simplistic. There is more to it than doing what I want, you have to know what who you are and then accept it.  Blindly doing whatever you feel like in the moment is not YOU.  Instead it is impulsive and this is when you fall into the trap of doing what you think others want you to do.

You need to know who are and what you believe in to begin and then have your actions follow your heart.  I admit I am different than others.  I like quiet hikes in the woods and crafting and gardening.  I am happy at home with Nana, my girls and my dogs. And that is ok because that is me.  Others may be more social and that is ok too.  There is so much in each of us that when we begin to allow our uniqueness to show is when we begin to shine.  

It’s hard to do this because you have to accept that you’re different from other people. But that difference doesn’t have to depress you or define you.

You cannot be everything. You don’t have to be everything.

You simply have to be you. And that is enough.

Materials for the craft

Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Studio Beta 4.0
Oracal 651 Vinyl for the stencil
Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler
Weeding Tool