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Hi I’m Kate,

and I am the creative mind behind this page.

I started this site because I believe that crafting is therapeutic for the crafter as well as the one receiving the gift of love they created. During the creative process you get to totally let go and in the end you have something gorgeous and special.

Whether you need inspiration, advice to create the perfect gift, or some helpful crafting resources — you’re in the right place.

Since you’re here right now, I’d bet that you’ve got a stash of supplies,
love to give the perfect gift, and value the art of a handcrafted.

But Maybe

  • Are overwhelmed juggling life — kids, work, meetings, gardening, exercising, sports practice, dinner, shopping, and self-care. Honestly, this list could go on and on…

  • Feel frustrated something is not working out or uninspired.

  • Just want to be surrounded by a community of like-minded crafters just like you.

I completely understand and no matter where you are in this moment.
You want an inspired, connected, heartfelt, fabulously creative life!

I’m fascinated to hear why people craft so thought I’d share a bit about myself.


My name is Kate Lee

and I am a mother of three beautiful daughters, twins – Molly and Mandi age 20 and Emma, age 21. I taught high school special education for 28 years.  Currently, I am a HS MTSS Coach and I help all kids and their families and I craft for enjoyment, relaxation and joy!

Life can have moments which test even the strongest and crafting is a perfect way to work through your emotions, support a friend in need, or when things get hectic. When I begin to stress, I head out into the woods for inspiration or I sit down and craft. So much inspiration can be found for crafting in nature, plus the mere action of being in nature calms and clears the mind. Taking that back to the craft table sets the stage for incredibly creative projects.

If you ask any artist or crafter, you will hear a variety of comments about how art-making or crafting makes them feel:

“I get in the zone.”

“All my troubles melt away.”

“I feel so much better when I’m creative.”


Talking about feelings,

I want you to know I feel deeply about these things:

  • Life is meant to be experienced

  • Those you love and appreciate deserve to be treated special

  • Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places

  • My daughters are my world

If this is your first time here, 

here’s what you should do right now:

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Let’s get social

Pinterest is my favorite for inspiration in all areas of my life. Tik Tok and Youtube are so much fun and a great way for me to share tutorials. Facebook is how I share and connect with you - come see what is going on in my craft room. Have a special request or a question, message me and let’s chat


Crafting plays a key role in enhancing the quality of life for me and I hope you will spend some time with me, learn together, share new ideas, and craft something special!

Don’t forget to leave comments on posts you enjoy – the best conversations happen when we share and uplift each other as a crafting community.

I strongly believe Community over Competition!  If you have a question on how I do anything, just ask or better yet, join our group.