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Beginners Guide To Raising backyard chickens – Coop 101

Have you thought about getting a few hens for the backyard?  Most people today love the idea of it, but are unsure of what it is all about.  Are you ready to commit to backyard chickens? Yes? Great, let’s start from scratch, hee hee.


This will a be a multi part series, but for today I want to show you my coop.  It is bedtime for my girls and so I have to shut them in the coop safe and sound for the night.  There are many ways to keep chickens and many ways to keep a coop, after a few different methods we have found our preferred coop.

As you can see this coop is just the right size for a small backyard flock and has many unique features making caring for your chickens easy. The coop comes unfinished so you can paint to seal it in any colors you would like.  We chose pink, purple, white, and blue.
There are several access points:
– nesting box
– roosting area
– underneath area
– several sliding features

This chicken coop is designed to not only house chickens but can be used for keeping roosters, rabbits, ducks, or other small animals. Its solid rainproof fir wood provides durability to keep your chickens safe from most weather conditions.

The cage also includes a nesting box that has an easy-access open/close roof top to allow you to easily collect eggs. The raised housing areas and caged running area will give your chickens or pets plenty of living space. Honestly when we first put it together, I thought it was too small.  But now after spending some time using it, I feel it is actually perfect.  We do allow our girls to free range during the day, but on rainy days like today they were very happy in their coop all day.

Here are some specifics:
Overall Dimensions: 79.5”(L) x 26.5”(W) x 51.5”(H); Raised Housing Dimensions: 24.5”(L) x 23”(W) x 33”(H); Nesting Box Dimensions: 20.5”(L) x 12.5”(W) x 15.25”(H); Cage Dimensions: 62.5”(L) x 22.75”(W) x 39”(H); Ramp Dimensions: 31”(L) x 7”(W); Slide-Out Tray Dimensions: 22”(L) x 22”(W) x 1”(H); Raised Housing Door Dimensions: 10.5”(W) x 15.75”(H); Cage Door Dimensions: 16.5”(W) x 29.5”(H); Slide Window Opening Dimensions: 3.5”(L) x 5”(H)

I love the sliding pull for the inside door.  The girls go into the roost on their own when night falls.  All I have to do is slide the door closed and they are all tucked in for the night. I don’t have to crawl in the run area or lean in.  It is very convenient! If interested in getting a coop like this, here is the link on Amazon.

If you get the coop, come back and show me how you decorate it!  I would love to see your creativity and color