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Wreaths are fun and festive and add a bit of color to your entrance.  I enjoy making unique one of a kind wreaths and love to switch up materials.

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It is recommended if placed on exterior door that it be protected by an overhang. The materials I use are moderately durable for outside use, however over time the sun may fade flowers, mesh, burlap,and ribbons. All burlap is prone to ravel but that distinction adds to the rustic look.  I do take every precaution to provide a wreath that will last.    If you are looking for a wreath to be weatherproof, please ask about my special material wreaths.  I do have a special technique that will last even in the elements.

Having a special wreath made is a symbolic and simple way to connect with yourself or with another person or even with a festive time.  It is that tangible piece of home for loved ones far away.  It is an expression of who you are inside or who you want to be.

The best thing about personalization is that it can be made the way you like it!

Possible Personalization Choices:

  • Handmade item – so each one  is unique
  • Materials: deco mesh, burlap, ribbon, weatherproof ribbon, flowers, ornaments, grapevine
  • Made to order or ask what I have in stock
  • The choices are as endless as your imagination