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Crushed Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

With Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to show an easy paper flower craft that you can make to use as a decoration or add to a craft you are working on.  Crushed tissue paper flowers don’t take a long time and can be done with any color or pattern making them very versatile.

I will go over the directions below or feel free to scroll down and view the video.  It is long, but you can stop and start and see exactly how I do it.


Step one:

After assembling your supplies, choose your tissue paper colors.  Take one sheet and ball it up, crushing it into a ball.  Then do the same for the next one.  Once crushed take and open up and lay on piece on the other. You want it to be fully opened again.

You will then use your spray adhesive to attach the two pieces of tissue paper together.  I use an old priority box to protect my work area others choose to go outside to spray.  I had Elmer’s Craft Bond so that is what I used.  Be sure to spray lightly covering the whole tissue paper and shake your can so you don’t get clumps of spray.  If you do, it is not ruined, but you will need to give it time to dry.
Once sprayed you need to place the other tissue paper on top and using your hand press it together.  Do this quickly before your spray dries.  Try to match the two pieces but don’t be overly concerned about a perfect match.

Step two:

You want to cut your tissue paper into long strips.  Choose how you to cut the strips and try to vary the pattern on the strips to give it a unique design.  The strips are the length of the tissue paper and about 2 in wide.

Once cut, you need to fold it using a fan method to get it ready to cut into the petals.


Part 1 Video Tutorial

Step 3

Cutting the petals is easy and honestly don’t over think it.  You can make a guitar pick shape freehand.  Remember each petal is ok to be slightly different. Remember to cut your edges because you don’t want a paper doll style where they are attached.

Step 4

Once you have all your petals cut, it is time to roll the edges.  You can use whatever size you like.  I have used a dowel rod, a pencil, or even a paint brush.  Play with it and decide what you like for the look.

Part 2 Video Tutorial

Step 5

Using a green wrapped floral wire, you are going to create a hook at the top of the wire.  This hook will be used to secure the center of your flower.

Step 6

Now it is time to begin to add your petals.  Choose which one you want for your center, add a tiny bit of glue and the wrap it around the hook alternating the direction and then secure it with a roll in between your fingers.

Slowly continue to add petals one at a time around the flower.  You want to overlap the petals a little and adjust so that it is not exactly the same.  You want the petals to look random.  Use your fingers to roll the tissue paper around the wire to secure it as you build your flower.

If you used more than one color or pattern, be sure to switch the colors and give it a unique look.

Step 7

Let it dry so the tissue paper is hardened.  Once it is dry you can add embellishments, put together several to create a bouquet, or add it to a craft to make something special. In my video I added a cute dragonfly.

Part 3 Video Tutorial