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How to DIY Glitter Phone Grips

My oldest daughter loves phone grips and glitter and flowers and so together her and I have been creating our own.  A lot of questions came in from Tik Tok followers and so I decided to make a tutorial and teach everyone how I made them.  Yes, I sell them already made with glitter and dried flowers and inks HERE but I believe that sharing information and helping the crafting community is important too so I am always up for helping others.

The first thing we did was buy phone grips from a woman on Facebook who was pricey at .75 each but hey we weren’t getting that many and it was a fun experiement with my daughter.  We tried doming the epoxy on top and well that was a disaster.  It ran over the side or was too thin and made a big mess.  We almost gave up but I saw this mold on Amazon and thought I think it will fit the grip so we thought we would give it a try.
(I sell blank grips HERE for .50 each now)

I bought off Amazon this mold.   It fits the phone grip blanks!   I know sounds AMAZING right? Well it is and it was a game changer.  It makes this so much easier.  The phone grips fit perfectly and they come out shiney.

So now that we had the mold we played around with it.  We even picked flowers from our garden, dried them and added them.  Here is the blog post on how to use the micorwave to dry your flowers.

Here are a couple tips:

  1. Go slow!  Let your bubbles release before putting the epoxy in the mold.  Use heat to release.
  2. Use good resin – personally I use CCDIY
  3. Don’t put your grip in right away.  Allow it to firm up a little and it will be easier to add to the epoxy so it is level.
  4. Push the grip down slowly and evenly and make sure it is level and there is no pocket of air between your resin and the phone grip.
  5. Practice – it takes a bit to get it all right and know the feel of it.

Want to see the tutorial?  Here is a video tutorial on Tik Tok:

@craftingwithkateFlower and glitter phone grip tutorial ##4thOfJuly ##floral ##littlebitfancy ##fyp ##craftingwithkate ##driedflowers ##phonegrips ##diytutorial ##resinmold

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