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DIY Table Top Concrete Fire Pit, Part 2

Family time is the perfect time for lighting a fire on the patio or deck and spending quality time with family and friends.  It is in these unplanned, relaxed moments when connections are strengthened and memories are quietly made.  As the night goes on you can swap your favorite stories.  I think sometimes it is in these quiet moments, the most happens. Why not make one as a special gift this holiday season?

Here is part 2 of the DIY tutorial on how to make your own Concrete Fire Pit.

Today I took it out of the molds, added the gel canister, added the chicken wire grate, and finished it off with some fire rocks. It will need to finish curing for another 24-36 hours.

To take off the molds, I used a rubber mallet.  I tapped gently around the inner edge of the white inner bowl I used to mold the inside part of the concrete pit.  As it begins to wiggle a little, take your finger and gently begin to lift out.  It actually comes out easier than you might think.  I then began to work on releasing the outer mold.

The outer mold is actually easier to remove.  I used a plastic bowl and it has a little give to it.  All I needed to do was  put a little pressure on either side pushing in slightly and then pulling out.  I then move to the other side and did it again.  I tipped it slightly and caught it as it slid out.

For the inside I used a gel canister which sets on the bottom of the concrete bowl.  The junior version of the original gel fuel that crackles just like a wood fire. Each can burns up to two hours. Best of all, Real Flame gel fuel is a clean-burning gel fuel that doesn’t leave any messy soot, smoke, or ashes behind.  Since I made a small table top version, I choose the junior version.

The next thing I did was cut a piece of chicken wire to fit inside the bowl.  I used wire cutters and did it slowly so as not to make it too small. I cut a few and checked it in the bowl and then cut a few more until it fit nicely.  Take your time.

Finally, I covered it with red lava rocks.  These look amazing in my fire pit and don’t get black and sooty like the glass beads!  They are produced from a volcanic eruption and can withstand the heat.

Good luck!  If you create your own, please post a pic so I can see it.  I’d love to see your creations!