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DIY Vision Board for Inspiration and Motivation

DIY Vision boards add clarity to your desires, and feeling to your visions in a fun creative way.

vision board IS a visual representation of the dreams and goals we want to achieve in our life. It’s less about stuff we want, than it is about who we want to be in this world.

When crafting your vision board, I urge you to keep this idea in mind. Go beyond the simple material wants and think big picture. It’s ok to start by listing the material things you wish you could have (and even including a few of them on your board), but use them as a jumping off point to dream bigger!

I find that a good way to do this is to ask yourself the following question:

“What would make me feel proud to overhear someone say about me?”

This approach is important because it will help you see beyond what’s in front of you and really push yourself to achieve your maximum greatness. It’s also key because it allows flexibility in the process.

To get started with how to make a vision board, you’ll need these supplies:

– Poster board,  bulletin board, foam board, journal or anything that suits you. (Target sells a really nice matte finish board. I highly recommend it.)

– A big stack of different magazines. (You can get them at libraries, hair salons, dentist offices, the YMCA.) Make sure you find lots of different types. If you limit your options, you’ll lose interest after a while. You can always Google images too but then you need a printer too.

– Glue. Not Elmers. (It makes the pages ripple.) I like using Yes! Glue or Zip Dry. Glue sticks are my in a pinch choice because they don’t last.

– Colored pens and markers (fine tip is best) I like using Paper Mate felt tip medium. I use them in my journal and my weekly intention boards too!

How to make a vision board in 5 steps:

There is no right or wrong way to make a vision board. Let me say it again—there’s no right or wrong way to make a vision board. The most important thing is that it make your heart sing.

Step 1: Go through your magazines and cut or tear the images from them. No gluing yet! Just let yourself have lots of fun looking through magazines and pulling out pictures or words or headlines that strike your fancy. Have fun with it. Make a big pile of images and phrases and words.

Step 2: Go through the images and begin to lay your favorites on the board. Eliminate any images that no longer feel right. This step is where your intuition comes in. As you lay the pictures on the board, you’ll get a sense how the board should be laid out. For instance, you might assign a theme to each corner of the board. Health, Job, Spirituality, Relationships, for instance. Or it may just be that the images want to go all over the place. Or you might want to fold the board into a book that tells a story.

Step 3: Glue everything onto the board. Add writing if you want. You can paint on it, or write words with markers.  I prefer markers and even like to add designs and flourishes.

Step 4: (optional, but powerful) Leave space in the very center of the vision board for a fantastic photo of yourself where you look radiant and happy. Paste yourself in the center of your board.

Step 5: Hang your vision board in a place where you will see it often.

Three Types of Vision Boards:

1 – The “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

– You’re very clear about your desires.
– You want to change your environment or surroundings.
– There is a specific thing you want to manifest in your life. (i.e. a new home, or starting a business.)

How to make a vision board if you know what you want:

With your clear desire in mind, set out looking for the exact pictures which portray your vision. If you want a house by the water, then get out the Dwell magazine and start there. If you want to start your own business, find images that capture that idea for you. If you want to learn guitar, then find that picture.

2 – The “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

– You’re not sure what exactly you want
– You’ve been in a period of depression or grief
– You have a vision of what you want, but are uncertain about it in some way.
– You know you want change but don’t know how it’s possible.

How to make a vision board if you’re not quite sure what you want:

Go through each magazine. Tear out images that delight you. Don’t ask why. Just keep going through the magazines. If it’s a picture of a teddy bear that makes you smile, then pull it out. If it’s a cottage in a misty countryside, then rip it out. Just have fun and be open to whatever calls to you. Then, as you go through Step 2 above, hold that same openness, but ask yourself what this picture might mean. What is it telling you about you? Does it mean you need to take more naps? Could it mean you want to get a dog, or stop hanging out with a particular person who drains you? Most likely you’ll know the answer. If you don’t, but you still love the image, then put it on your vision board anyway. It will have an answer for you soon enough.

Some women who do this type of vision board had NO idea what their board was about, and it wasn’t until two months later that they understood. The Opening and Allowing Vision Board can be a powerful guide for you. I like it better than the first model because sometimes our egos think they know what we want, and lots of times those desires aren’t in alignment with who we really are. This goes deeper than just getting what you want. It can speak to you and teach you a little bit about yourself and your passion.

3 – The “Theme” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

– It’s your birthday or New Years Eve or some significant event that starts a new cycle.
– If you are working with one particular area of your life. For instance, Work & Career or Health & Fitness.

How to make a vision board for a theme:

The only difference between this vision board and the others is that this one has clear parameters and intent. Before you begin the vision board, take a moment to hold the intent and the theme in mind. When you choose pictures, they will be in alignment with the theme. You can do the Theme Vision Board on smaller pages, like a page in your journal.

Some things to remember about vision boards:

– You can use a combination of all three types of vision boards as you create. Sometimes you might start out doing one kind, and then your intuition takes over and shifts into a whole different mode. That’s called creativity. It doesn’t matter how you make a vision board. once the creativity is there, just roll with it.

– Your vision board might change as you are making it. I was just talking with a friend of mine who said that she had been making a vision board for the new year. The theme was all about what she wanted in this year. Then, as she pulled pictures and began to lay them out, the theme changed into a simpler one about her everyday life and the moments in each day. It surprised and delighted her to experience that evolution. You might find that you have little epiphanies from making a vision board.

Make a Vision Journal

Another option is to use these same principles in a big sketch book. Get a large sketch book and keep an on-going vision journal. This is especially effective if you’re going through many transitions in your life.

A final note: Some people prefer to keep their boards private, but I’m actually all for sharing it–especially with people who love and support you. Why? Because you never know who can help you achieve your dreams! So go ahead–put it out there! Let the world know what it is you want. All that support of your dreams can only ever be a good thing.

In fact, if you’d like, you can send me a picture of it. Maybe I’ll share some on a Pinterest board or in a Facebook album so we can all support each other.

I hope this has inspired you to create your own vision board. If you have any other questions about how to make one, how/why they work, or about my own experiences, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll answer! And if you’d like to share a picture of your vision board with me or the blog community, email it to me at I promise not to post or share it without your permission.