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Fixing an Epoxy Bubble after it is Already Cured

If you have every worked with epoxy you know it can be very unpredictable.  You baby it and apply it just so, regulate the heat, pop the bubbles when it is wet and turning, and check it multiple times but then at the end you see this giant popped bubble hole and it is cured… UGH!  It really stinks when you thought you were on the last coat lol!

Hey no matter how long you have been doing this, it happens.  But luckily it doesn’t mean it is over and ruined, it will just take a little time to fix.

When I have a small imperfection, I use sand paper and sand it down by hand.  If it is a larger area, then I use a hand sander.  It doesn’t matter which direction you sand the key is getting a smooth surface.  FYI – I get my sand paper at the Dollar Tree.  It fits my palm sander and it can be used by hand too.

Once sanded you need to clean the area of debris.  I use alcohol and a cloth.  Just be careful it doesn’t leave fuzzies on your work.

Once sanded and cleaned you are ready to put it back on the turner and put a final thin coat.  I know it looks awful but honestly, all the scratch marks will disappear when you put another coat of epoxy on.

Check out this video to see what I mean on a cup I had a bubble.