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Glitter Tumblers and More

Having a special cup is a symbolic and simple way to connect with yourself or with another person.

It is that tangible piece of home for loved ones far away. It is an expression of who you are inside or who you want to be. A cup is so much more that just something to use to drink a beverage!

The best thing about Custom Orders is that it can be made the way you like it!

Check in frequently—new items are added often. I do take custom orders, provided that the materials can be obtained. I am also always available through a message and would be happy to assist you however I can.  Price does not include shipping. Prices are for a typical tumbler, if you are requiring special materials or techniques you will be given a quote on your particular costs.

Stainless Steel General Pricing:

12 oz Kid’s Tumbler – $25
18 oz Fat Shorty Tumbler – $30
20 oz  – $25
20 oz Strawbler – $30
30 oz  – $35
Tall Skinny with a Straw – 20 oz – $30
Tall Skinny with a Straw 30 oz – $40
Wine Glass – $25
Mug – $25
Sippy – $30

Glass Product General Pricing:

Beer Mug – $20
Wine Glass – $15
Mug – $15
Parfait or Pilsner – $20
Champagne Flutes – $15

"My whole family got amazing cups and beautiful glow jars! Extremely affordable pricing! Thanks so much."

Lisa P