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How to make Washi Tape and Popsicle Stick Frames

Summer is the perfect time to try new craft ideas and let your creativity grow.  Whether keeping kids entertained on a rainy afternoon, or creating a special project to celebrate an event kids and crafts go together in the summer.  This is an easy, inexpensive project you can do with a few supplies from the Dollar Tree.  This is perfect for gifting too! What parent or grandparent wouldn’t like a one-of-a-kind, handmade picture frame featuring their pride and joy? Check out how to make Washi tape and popsicle stick frames below and be sure to share your finished projects with me.


I found all of these supplies does in my craft room, but you can pick up all of these supplies at your local Dollar Tree.  I did include Amazon links so if you are like me and would rather click and have it delivered you have that choice too.  At least you can check out what exactly I mean too!

The one thing I do suggest is not using the glue sticks from the Dollar Tree if you want this to be sturdy.  Yes, you can get glue sticks at the Dollar Tree.  They melt and they will work, however they do not adhere like they should in my opinion.  I only use Gorilla brand now.

If you don’t have a picture, you can print one on your home printer or have your child hand draw a picture of them and their loved one to include.


Step 1 – Assemble all your materials and choose the picture you are going to use so you know how big to make the frame

Step 2 – Wrap each Popsicle stick with Washi Tape.  You can wrap going around or if there are words you want to see then a strip going straight down is perfect.  Why Washi and not duct tape?  Ease of use!  If you mess up, it can be lifted right up and fixed.  Duct tape is very sticky and can be hard for little ones to use.

Step 3 – Line up how you want to put the covered sticks and remember to flip the ones with words to be the direction you want them to be

Step 4 – Turn each stick over so the entire frame is face down.  Take 2-3 sticks and lay them across the back and glue down.  I suggest clipping a mini clothespin on to hold them in place as they dry.  This also makes sure each stick is connected.

Step 5 – Take off the clothespins turn over and glue on your picture and any floral embellishments you want.  Remember to balance each side and if they are small clusters of 3 are the way to go.  Now I have three girls so I think floral, but you can use buttons, small Lego pieces, broken crayons, etc.

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