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Krylon vs Rustoleum Spray Paint – Which is better?

When I am prepping my tumblers for decorating with glitter, I like to have a base coat that will enhance or at least allow the true color of the glitter to shine through.  Typically I will paint my blank tumblers with a matching color if possible or begin with a white base.  Now I am always looking at getting the most for my money.  Not only is it smart but it allows me to keep my costs down for me which allows me to keep my prices low for you.

What I used to think:

I began by always buying Krylon Colormaster.  It is on first appearances the better value.  It has 25% more in the can and it is a paint plus primer in one.  Plus it is usually cheaper that Rustoleum.  Amazon and Walmart both have it typically for about 4 dollars.

My thoughts on it now:

*It is not full coverage in one coat and usually needs 3-4 coats to fully cover
*It is prone to runs and drips even though the can says no runs no drips no errors

Now I only use Rustoleum 2x paint plus primer for all my prep work.  It is a regular size spray paint can.  Amazon and Walmart both have it typically for about 4-5 dollars.

Why I only use Rustoleum 2x now:

*It is a time saver because it truly is 1 coat full coverage
*It may not have 25% more but you use a significant less amount for the same price or possibly a little more but we are talking change not dollars
*While all spray paint can drip I don’t run into as much trouble and honestly it could be the paint or me the user isn’t trying hard to cover and accidentally spraying too much.

Check out my video below to see what I am talking about:

Final tip for those like me who live where the temperatures are too cold for spray painting during fall winter and early spring…
Soaking the can paint in warm water before spraying. What you want to achieve by doing this is to get the contents of the can up to the recommended optimum spraying temperature.