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Money Saving DIY Epoxy Tips

I am always looking to save a little money and don’t like waste.  Working with epoxy for can be tricky.  Here are my top tips for saving money when working with epoxy resin when crafting. While you DIY, use these to save money.

First, measure out only what you think you’ll need for your project because you can’t save the leftovers. Remember, once mixed, epoxy has a limited working time, some more than others.

Read the label and if you’re doing a large job, it’s better to mix several small batches as you go along.  But if you do mix too much have a back up plan to not waste it.  I make mermaid tails and magnets out of silicone molds.

Second, know that what you use with the epoxy needs to be silicone to reuse or you will need to throw it away after it is hardened.  You can’t wash off epoxy to clean bowls and brushes, but you can peel it off of silicone bowls and brushes.

I used to go through a lot of cheap brushes when working with epoxy.  The problem is, cheap brushes tend to drop hairs or fuzzies into the coating, which can be annoying as you have to pick them out. Any you miss will need sanding once the epoxy has cured. You also will go through a lot of plastic cups.  I no longer use either plastic cups or brushes.

The silicone bowls I use are called pinch pots.  I love them.  They are the perfect size and easy to work with in your hand. You can scrape them clean and once it hardens it peels right off to be used again and again.  This is what I use:

I also use a a silicone make up brush as a brush.  These come in different styles and I have found that this one is the best for the smoothest application –

Check out how easy it is to clean these brushes