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Car Air Freshies – Various Scents with a Vent Clip

Car Air Freshies – Various Scents with a Vent Clip


Just open up a bag and take a deep breath! Car Air Freshies – Various Scents with a Vent Clip See scent descriptions below:

This Toasted Marshmallow Car Freshie will take you back to your childhood toasting marshmallows around the campfire.  This nutty vanilla scent is so good!

The Lemon Grass energizes, & relieves nervousness. A slightly green citrus bouquet with lemon and orange notes.

Long-lasting, super cute, and super customizable aroma bead car air fresheners, also known as freshies! Perfect for hanging in closets, on your rear view mirror, in a locker, or anywhere!



Car Air Freshies- Can be used in the car, closets, rooms & small spaces. They will last approximately 8 weeks or even longer depending on the environment.

Each Car Freshie comes with a metal vent clip so you can clip it into the air vent in your car.

My Air Fresheners (Freshies) are made with the highest quality aroma beads, oils/fragrances!


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: unscented aroma beads, mica powder for coloring, essential fragrance oils (skin safe oil, Nitro Musk Free, Phthalate Free, Vanillin Free, flash point >200F)
  • Ready to ship
  • Gift message available

Caution: Please do not lay Car Freshies on wood or other surfaces- they do contain fragrance oils that may stain. Always clip the car freshener in your vehicle, do not lay on the dash as they may move around the car and become a hazard while driving. Do not eat. This is not a toy.

PLEASE NOTE: Most people will start to get use to the scent after a while. Yes, nose blind is a real thing! Other people will still smell the scent if you are no longer able to. If you are unable to smell the scent – either ask someone who does not ride in your vehicle if they can smell it or place the Car Freshie back in its package and seal. Wait 5 days and then put it back in your car again.  Also switching between two scents will help with it.



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Lemon Grass, Toasted Marshmellow