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Car Air Freshies

Car Freshies are something I have trouble keeping in stock because everyone loves them!  They will last approximately 8 weeks or even longer depending on the environment.  Each Car Freshie comes with a stretchy string so you can hang it.  Car Freshies come in a variety of colors which are made from mica powders.

My Air Fresheners (Freshies) are made with the highest quality aroma beads, oils/fragrances.  All car freshies are made with skin safe oils that are Nitro Musk Free.  Each batch follows the same recipe and every Car Freshie uses 1/4 cup of beads.  Due to the different shapes your Freshie may be a larger size but thinner or a smaller size but thicker.  New scents are added all the time, so be sure to check back often.  See list of current scents below.

I am making new air fresheners all the time, kids definitely need one for their locker, works wonders in a gym bag, and closet too. Car Freshies can be used in the car, closets, rooms & small spaces.   My daughter even keeps one in her room hanging on her light.

Check out my current ready to ship selections and feel free to contact me with special orders.  If you wish to purchase more than one of the same style or looking for a bulk order, message me so I can adjust price/shipping costs.
Out of Stock??? No Worries – If you message me I may still be able to make it or something similar.  Sometimes I just can’t keep up with the orders 😉