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Glow Jars

These beautiful glittery mason jars with a battery operated light is perfect for a beautiful soft glow for many occasions. Beautiful soft glowing lights from your deck, mantle, guest bathroom, or kitchen counter are just a few ways these glow jars can be used.  Children’s night lights are also a popular choice too!

These are a quart size jar with  glitter on the inside so it will not flake off. I use a special polycryllic glitter mix to keep the glitter from flaking off.  The decal is done in with permanent vinyl. The LED light inside gives it a perfect glow. The light is affixed to the lid so no sticking your hand in the jar or trying to drop it in and getting it to land just right.

The best thing about personalization is that it can be made the way you like it

There are so many options available and here are a few of my customers’ favorites for a quick gift or to browse to get your ideas flowing.  Feel free to message me to create your own design which allows you to choose the glitter color and the decals to make the perfect gift.


The perfect unique gift for:

Sweet Sixteen
Christmas Gifts
Thank you Gifts
Teacher Gifts
Easter Gifts
Summer Parties
Holiday Get Together Decor