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Be Shiny in a Sea of Fishes – Mermaids and Thoreau, Part 3

 “Be yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of
who you should be.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Today was part three of the series to show the third step in the process as well as discuss the third part of the quote which deals with getting to know yourself.  You are who you are. The earlier in life you accept this and get on with it, the easier and sweeter you shall live out your days. You can be different from the rest of the world and still be fabulous — in fact, you’re fabulous because of it.

There are ways to get to know yourself which will build your courage to begin to live life as exactly who you were meant to be, being true to your core values, and then coming to peace with it all. Knowing yourself is the process of understanding you. It brings you face-to-face with your deep self-doubts and insecurities. It makes you take a serious look at the way you are living your life and put it to question.

You do not get to know yourself simply by growing up and growing old. Knowing yourself takes a conscious effort. It is something you do with intention and purpose.

Knowing yourself means respecting your values in life, your beliefs, your personality, your priorities, your moods, your habits, your magnificent body, and your relationships.

How to Get to Know Yourself in 5 Steps:

1. Get to Know Your Personality – Who you are in your private moments as well as in your public ones. What do you like?  What drives you? What hurts you? How do you react to the World around you?

2. Get to Know Your Core Values – You probably have more than eight values, but the top eight play the big roles in decision-making, influencing, persuading, conflict-resolution, communication, and living your day-to-day life.

3. Get to Know Your Body – The more I learn about my body, the more mysterious it becomes and the more I push my body, the more it surprises and delights and amazes me. Yours can too. Have you ever said “my body can’t do this” and that “my body type doesn’t work that way” without even trying? Before you close the door to wonderful possibilities, take another look and try.

4. Get to Know your Dreams – Your dreams and hopes create your pathway. They help you build the life you can be proud of living. The make you want to get up every morning and chase life.  Your dreams are worth going after. Don’t believe anything less. The most beautiful thing you will ever experience in your life is when you begin to unfold into the person you were meant to be.

You cannot be everything. You don’t have to be everything.

You simply have to be you. And that is enough.

Materials for the craft

two types of fine glitter
Oracal 651 Vinyl for the stencil
Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler
Weeding Tool
Exacto Knife