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Be Shiny in a Sea of Fishes – Mermaids and Thoreau, Part 6

 “Be yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of
who you should be.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Today was part six of the series to show the last step in the process as well as discuss the sixth part of the quote which deals with becoming a better you. Life is a journey, your path in life is decided by you.  No matter how old, how talented, how many experiences you have had, you can always learn, grow and improve.

4 Ways to Work on Becoming a Better You

  1. Accept your mistakes and forgive the mistakes of others – Accepting your mistakes is the first step to dealing with them. Humans aren’t perfect and there is no point of beating yourself up for something that has already passed. I messed up this cup, by going straight to bed and not watching.  It isn’t the end of the world, I even went live and showed everyone what went wrong.  his same point also works for others mistakes. There is no point of carrying so much extra burden when you can simply forgive and move on. Oh and no I didn’t make a mistake for the sake of my series – haha
  2. Become a Self Motivator – This one skill is critical in making your life better. You have to be able to pick yourself up when life gets tough. You need to be able to stay positive and give yourself a boost whenever you are down.
  3. Stop Complaining and the Negative Self-talk – Stop complaining, get your head down, put in the work, and make your life better. Negativity will serve no purpose and only bring you down.
  4. Live in the Moment – Many people live in the past, and therefore never experience true happiness or success. Work on the present and build for the future. There is no point of stressing over what has already come to pass. Let go of what has happened and enjoy what is happening. There are so many good things in life we can experience, when we take the time to see them.

You cannot be everything. You don’t have to be everything.

You simply have to be you. And that is enough.


Materials for the craft

two types of fine glitter
Oracal 651 Vinyl for the stencil
Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler
Weeding Tool
Exacto Knife
Alumilite Amazing Clear Casting Resin, 16-Ounce